With GEOTECH EVT 2000, Electrical Field Vane Instrument, the undrained and remoulded shear strengths of clays can be measured in situ and the layer sensitivity calculated.


The Electrical Vane Test apparatus comes in two models for the down the hole equipment; the "Standard" model with unprotected tapered vane, slip-coupling and extension rods, and the "Eurocode" model with protection for the rectangular vane, slipcoupling and extension rods. This model is designed according to the Eurocode ENV 1997-3, part 3. It can be rammed through hard layers.


The electrical instrument head is to be mounted on a site investigation rig or a static penetrometer.


Logging and interpretation is done with Geotech software VANE-LOG.


"Standard" model 

The vane test is done by pushing the down the hole equipment, similar to Nilcon mechanical vane apparatus, into the ground statically with a penetrometer or drilling rig. When the measuring level is reached the vane instrument is mounted on the rig and the rod string is put through the chuck on the instrument. Rotation is applied on the rod string and the torque is measured and viewed in real-time on your laptop. When the test is finished you either continue pushing down to the next level or retract your rods. 


"Eurocode" model

In the Eurocode model the vane is inside the protection shoe during the push and is only pressed out from the protection when you reached your measuring level. Then the vane is pushed out ~ 30 cm and standard measuring in started. After the test the vane is retracted into the protection shoe and you may continue pushing down to next level and repeat the procedure or retract your rods. 


 The equipment meets the standards ASTM D-2573-01, ISO/DIS 22476-9 and Eurocode ENV 1997-3.


Technical specification:      

Measuring range: 100 Nm           
Measuring accuracy: < 1% FS       
Weight: ~ 16 kg       
Standard model:     Eurocode model:  
Vanes with tapered end (standard):   50x110, 65x130 and 80x172 mm   Vane with rectangular end (standard):    65x130 mm
Extension rods: 22x1000 mm   Vane protection shoe: Outer diameter 75 mm, length 820 mm
Slip coupling: 15 degrees clockwise   Extension rods: 22x1000 mm
      Extension tubes: 42x1000 mm
      Slip coupling: 15 degrees clockwise


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