filterGeotech open standpipe filter unit for ground water level measurements has a sintered bronze filter and can normally be directly pushed into the soil without pre-drilling.


The filter unit is used together with 1" tubes and a piezometer unit or a portable water level meter.



piezoslangIt is also possible to use a hose for quicker detection of ground water changes. The hose is connected to the filter unit and the water level is measured in the hose which is only 8 mm in diameter. For this application we offer a water level meter with a coaxial cable for lowering into the hose.





 Different types of water level meters are available on request:

water level meter010water level meter025djupkoaxial 


Technical specifications:

Filter Diameter OD:    33,5 mm         Extension tubes Diameter (od, id):    33,5 mm, 25,6 mm 
Filter length: 270 mm   Extension tubes length:   1000 mm
Filter type:  Sintered bronze, pores 50 microns    Hose Diameter (od, id):  10 mm, 8 mm