Geotech’s integrated electronic “direct push” piezometer  is available with or without logging memory and can be used for permanent installation or reused in short-time pore pressure monitoring projects.


Geotech electrical piezometers can be pushed statically directly into the ground without pre-drilling*. Monitoring of the pressure sensor can be done during the installation to secure the function and that installation been done properly.

*Hard surface and layers might need pre-drilling.


Logging direct push piezometer: The piezometer with built-in logging memory is programmed to automatically record data in intervals from once per day up to once every minut. The logging interval is programmed upon installation and can easily be changed from any computer using our software, PVT-LOG, which is also used for uploading recorded data. The built-in battery will last for more than ten years when logging data every hour.

Data from a logging piezometer are stored in a file that can be opened in Excel or similar software. Information about date, time, serial number and absolute pore pressure are presented in a table. If you are using a logging barometer; there will also be a column for the compensated pore pressure.

Use of a logging barometer automatically gives 
you the compensated pore pressure.






Direct push piezometer without memory: Connect your computer to the piezometer cable by the crocodile clip/USB interface and reaad the pore pressure in real-time. The display will show pore pressure, temperature, date, time and serial number.


PVT GatewayRemote Gateway for Internet access: A group of piezometers can optionally be connected to a gateway for remote communication via the mobile phone network. You have convenient access to all data via the Internet from your office computer where you can change logging frequency and set alarm thresholds by your preferences. Alarms can be sent as text messages to your mobile phone and to your email. 






The pressure sensor is temperature compensated. Test results are digital and are not effected by cable length.