rgs90xGEORIG 605 is a multipurpose drilling rig mainly intended for methods commonly used in Sweden, Norway and Finland. It is powered by a 105 kW diesel engine.


The rig is equipped for most geotechnical investigation methods used in the area such as Norwegian Total Sounding, Swedish JB, Swedish weight sounding, dynamic sounding, CPTU, Vane tesing and more. The rig can in addition be used for sampling.


GEORIG 605 is equipped with standard sensors for feed force, rotation and depth. Our innovative design nearly eliminates the friction between the yoke and mast giving a high accuracy and resolution in the feed force parameter which is used in rotary/percussion sounding.








 Dynamic sounding

With two rotary units on the same yoke the operator will have a more ergonomic, userfriendly and efficient working environment. Switching from one rotary unit to the other takes only seconds.








Dynamic sounding/SPT is fully automatic and all parameters are logged in the software. Continuous sounding, use 1 or 2 meter rods and it will be fully pushed down without any interaction by the operator. 



Optional sensors are torque, rotation pressure, hammer pressure, flushing media pressure and flushing media flow.

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Technical specification: 

(subject to change without notice)

Engine:    105 kW diesel             Weight:  4 000 - 4 600 kg depending on equipment 
Stroke:  2450 mm    Length:  4550 mm 
Push force, max:     70 kN     Width:  2040 mm 
Pull force, max:  130 kN    Height:  2240 mm 


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