Information about processing personal data

This Integrity policy describes how Ingenjörsfirman Geotech Aktiebolag ( “Company”, “we”, “us”) collect and process your personal data, your rights and where to address your questions.

We value your integrity and handle your personal data to ensure that you always feel secure when entrusting us with your personal data. This means that we always handle your personal data with the required technical and organizational safety measures in every case.

This Integrity policy ensures that the handling of your personal data that is collected and processed follows the legal requirements defined in the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and current legislation, case law and general advice regarding personal data handling. (Applicable legislation)

Who is responsible for Your personal data?

We at Ingenjörsfirman Geotech Aktiebolag, 556098–5599 are solely responsible for the handling and processing of your personal data.

Which personal data will be processed?

We could be processing your personal data when you contact us by phone, email, mail, social media, through our website or in direct contact with our employees if you are a customer, supplier, private person, individual company, seeking employment or in any other way use our services.

The type of personal data that can be processed is for instance: contact information, name, address, email address, phone number, social security number (only if necessary), IP address, content in messages and/or attached files you send or other required information containing your personal data for specific purposes.

When do we have the right to process Your personal data?

Your personal data will only be processed when we have a legal right to do so. It may be to fulfill a commitment or an agreement towards you and your employer, if you have given your consent to us handling your personal data, or if we have a legitimate interest which is supported by Applicable legislation or if the processing is demanded by law.

If handling of specific information of your personal data should require your consent, we process it separately. In that case is it your right to recall your consent at any time. The recall of your consent will not impact the legality of processing of personal data made before the recall.

Why are Your personal data processed?

Your personal data is processed for the following purposes:

  • To send out newsletters, offers and information about the usage of our products and services, in both electronic and physical form in marketing purposes.
  • To handle orders of products and services and to fulfill our commitment regarding request for quotation, order placement, delivery and follow up.
  • To provide maintenance, support and service on our products and services including customer points of view and complaint.
  • To manage and maintain your contact with us by for example by phone, email, and web site.
  • To be able to offer and deliver training regarding our products and services and to continuously improve our knowledge and the quality of geotechnical investigations.
  • To manage invoice and payment of our products and services.
  • To collect data for statistical assessments to improve our product and services to benefit as many as possible.
  • To be able to contact you through our partners, distributors, or suppliers.
  • To manage and process any potential work application sent to us.
  • To handle potential payment discrepancy.
  • To discover and prevent fraud, abuse, intrusion attempts, cyber-attacks, or other form of unauthorized use.
  • To handle legal demands in laws and rules, as the Accounting Act.
  • To fulfill our general commitments.

Who will have access to Your personal data?

We want you to feel safe as we process your personal data. Your personal data will be processed only by the employees or hired consultants at the company that are directly involved in achieving the intended purpose.

We will not extradite any personal data to external companies or authorities unless we are required to do so by law, regulations, authority decisions, or to protect our rights or if the extradition follows our commitment towards you. We will not extradite or sell your personal data for marketing purposes to any third party without your consent.

In the event of a corporate merger, consolidation, restructuring or sale our companies’ stocks and/or assets or other reorganization, your personal data could be extradited to succeeding owner, partner, or adviser in connection to the event.

Transfer to third country

Your personal data will not be transferred to any county outside of EU/EES if this is not specified when you submit your personal data to us.


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How long will we save Your personal data?

We will not save your data longer than necessary in order for us to fulfill the purpose of handling your personal data. This means that we process your data according to Applicable legislation.

The personal data that is processed and managed within the context of our relationship between clients and partners will be save up to 2 years after the partnership has been terminated, beyond the parts of the data that falls under other legislations, as for instance the Accounting Act, additionally if the is any other legitimate reason.

How are Your personal data protected?

It is important that your personal data is protected. We are working effectively to take all suitable technical and organizational safety measures to secure your personal data from unauthorized access, altering, loss, edifying or destruction.

We work in a strict manner that only personnel directly related to processing Your personal data will have access.

Your rights

We are aware and care about your rights and you can contact us at any time concerning your rights. Under the heading” Contact Information” below, you can find our contact information.

Your right to request access to Your personal data

Our aim is to always be transparent on how we process your personal data. If you want to get insight into what information we gather and how we handle your personal data, you have the right to request access to this information. You will also receive information about the purpose of the processing, which personal data that is processed and additionally which recipients or categories of recipients have received or will receive your personal data. You will also receive information about what time span this information is saved and what criteria are used within this period. Information about your additional rights will be provide alongside with a copy of the personal data under processing.

Correction of personal data

You have the right to get your personal data corrected without any unnecessary delay. You also have the right to complete any incomplete records.

Right to get personal data deleted.

You also have the right to get your personal data deleted. If requested, we will without any unnecessary delay delete your personal data to the extent possible according to the law.

This right is appropriate if the personal data no longer is necessary for the purpose to which they were collected and processed, if you recall a previous consent, object to the processing, if the personal data has been processed illegally or if the personal data must be deleted due a legal demand, as long as there is no legal demand that require the processing to continue. For example, a processing may be necessary to fulfill your rights of free speech, freedom of information, fulfill legal requirements, fulfill a duty which is in the interest of the general public, or in accordance with appropriate authorities.

Right to limitation of processing

You also have the right to limit our processing of your personal data. You have the right to claim that the information gathered is incorrect, that the processing of data is illegal, if the information is not required anymore but you need this information to be able to determine, claim or defend legal claims or pending possible evaluation, if your entitled reason trumps our entitled reasons.

Right to object personal data processing

You also have the right to object to our processing of your personal data at any time regarding direct marketing activities or reasons for which relates to your specific situation when the processing of your personal data is based on an entitled interest.

Right to data portability

Under certain conditions you have the right to get your personal information in a structured, generally used, and compatible format transferred to another person of interest when this is technically feasible i.e., the right to gain data portability. This is applicable when the personal data processing is based on consent, or an agreement and the process is automated.

Right to submit complaint

If you believe that we have used your personal data in an unproper way, you have the right to submit a complaint to the appropriate authority (in Sweden: Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten, IMY).

Contact Information

Ingenjörsfirman Geotech Aktiebolag
Datavägen 53
436 32 Askim


Change of Integrity policy

This Integrity policy is available at our web site We will update this policy continuously. Latest version will always be available on our website.

This policy is established 6th September 2022.