PVT direct push piezometer with built-in data logger

The GEOTECH PVT direct push logging piezometer operates without the need of additional battery, logging box or any kind of permanently installed external equipment – just two wires are visible on the surface. Connect your computer for instant reading of pore water pressure. The piezometer has a high-precision laser-trimmed ceramic sensor. The output from the piezometer is digital and is not affected by cable length. Solutions for remote reading are available.

A similar device “Logging Air Pressure Meter” can be installed above the surface, recording barometric pressure for compensation at each time.

Connect your computer via the USB-crocodile clip for monitoring the pore water pressure, starting/stopping logging, setting logging intervals and uploading the log file. The piezometer can alternatively be connected to a local network with a telematics unit for remote monitoring and/or instant alarms upon critical values.

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The pore water pressure can be of great importance for soil properties. This is not least important for the stability of slopes and for protection of roads, bridges and buildings. The GEOTECH PVT direct push piezometers have laser-trimmed ceramic sensors and are optionally available with a built-in data loggers. This sensor type is very stable over time, making it the perfect choice for long-time projects and permanent installations. 

We also offer solutions with open standpipe or membrane filter tips. Geotech’s telematics solutions gives you access to the data wherever you are.

Direct push piezometer with memory

The GEOTECH PVT direct push piezometer with memory has a built-in datalogger and operates without the need for additional battery or any other external equipment.

Direct push piezometer

The GEOTECH PVT direct push piezometer has a laser-trimmed ceramic sensor. Connect your computer for instant reading of pore water pressure. Solutions for remote reading are available.

Membrane piezometer

The GEOTECH PVT membrane piezometer is suitable for measuring the pore water pressure where an open standpipe solution is not suitable, e.g. in dense soils or where artesian water pressure is present.

Open standpipe piezometer

The GEOTECH OPEN STANDPIPE piezometer comes with a connection for 1” standard water pipes. It is optionally available with hose connection. We offer a wide range of water level meters.

Telematics solutions for remote reading

The GEOTECH PVT REMOTE GATEWAY provides the capacity to remotely monitor data from of up to eight GEOTECH PVT piezometers.