Seismic CPT, SCPT

Measure shear wave velocity while doing CPTU investigations.
Shear wave velocity has become an increasingly important parameter for our understanding of soil behaviour, e.g. when planning for construction of windmills, high-speed rails or when building in earthquake zones.

We offer two different models of seismic add-on equipment to be mounted immediately behind the CPT probe. The 3-axial Nova SCPT adapter is suitable for shear (S) wave as well as compression (P) wave velocity measurements. The trigger signal is generated when the hammer is hit against the steel plate. The down-hole adapter has one set of three ortogonal accelerometers that will capture the seismic signal. Push down the probe further and repeat the test. The wave velocity calculations are based on time and depth differences. The seismic add-on equipment “SCPT-GS2 Geotech Nova” has two sensor sets mounted with fixed distance 1 meter. It detects the same wave as it first passes the upper and then the lower sensor set, measuring the actual time difference, and calculating the S wave velocity.

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GEOTECH NOVA is a modularly designed product family for user-friendly, robust and accurate CPT, CPTU, Seismic CPT (SCPT) and Electric Conductivity CPT soil investigations as well as Field Vane testing and quality assurance of deep soil mixing piles. Please refer to separate documents for detailed descriptions of vane testing related equipment.


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Seismic CPT, SCPT

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