Pushing penetrometers

In order to achieve high accuracy of your CPTu  test results, your pushing penetrometer shall have the capacity to push the probe with constant speed 20 mm per second through the soil. With a turn-key solution from Geotech, you will perform high-quality test results from day one.   

Georig 220 Crawler penetrometer

GEORIG 220 is a crawler penetrometer designed especially for CPT. The rig can be driven in rough terrain and carries all necessary equipment on board, just plug in your computer (software included) and start the test.

SA 20 Stand-alone pusher

The SA 20 is a simple stand-alone pushing penetrometer with a maximum pushing force of 200kN designed especially for CPT. Solutions for mounting on excavators, trucks, barges etcetera are available.

PP 20 Portable pusher

The PP 20 is a portable pushing penetrometer pusher that makes it possible to do CPTu investigations in places that cannot be reached with a normal penetrometer or drill rig. This penetrometer supports 0.5 meter rods.